Using Connect Cashless Parking for the first time?

Step 1

Call our 0345 number from your mobile phone within 30 minutes of parking.

Tell us how long you want to park and your payment details.

Store your details for next time when prompted (recommended).

Step 2

Reply to our text with your vehicle's registration number.

Step 3

We send a text confirming your parking details.

That's it; your car parking is paid. It's that easy!

Fast Track Parking for returning or registered users

Store your details when you park first time or register your details on this website and then you can benefit from our Fast Track options:

Option 1

Call the 0345 number again, we'll recognise your mobile number and offer you the same parking details you used last time so its really quick and easy. (You can also change details if required).

Option 2

If you have registered simply text "park" followed by your payment card's 3 digit security code and the SMS Code for the parking time you require to 68680 (e.g. park 123 120 to park for 2 hours).

You can add a location code and/or a car registration to your text message if you need to alter any of your Stored details or Registered Account defaults (e.g. park 123 120 LOCA AB123ABC (where "LOCA" represents the location code shown in the car park and AB etc. is the car registration).

You can pick up a VAT receipt from this website for any parking you pay for with Connect. If you register you can also get parking time Reminders, Extend your parking time without returning your car and check your full parking history.

If you register your details you can print VAT receipts, get text reminders and extend your parking.